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Terms of Service

By using this site, you agree to the terms below. offers affordable, competitive pricing for advertising that provides wide exposure for the item you are selling. Effective enhancements are available to improve the chances of a buyer noticing your Ad., therefore, does not offer refunds on advertising fees once an ad has been activated.

At your request, we will:

    • Correct any mistakes we have made in the ad at no charge
    • Correct mistakes that you made during submission of the ad at no charge
    • Make edits to your ad at no charge will provide a refund only for the following reasons:

      1. Your Ad has not been posted and you wish to cancel the Ad.; OR
      2. You mistakenly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads through and wish to cancel, and obtain a refund on, the duplicate(s) only. will not, however, provide a refund on the original Ad. is not responsible for, and will not provide refunds for any other reason, including but not limited to, a change of mind regarding ad content or enhancements, or errors or omissions in ad content or enhancements. We will make every reasonable effort to satisfy our advertisers but we are not responsible for lack of response to an ad, lack of inquiries or offers to purchase the item. If the item has been sold via another means, the advertiser may cancel the ad, but will not receive a refund, either in whole or in part.

Max Exposure Listings:

  • Max Exposure listings will be displayed instantly at the top of our home page once published. As other customers purchase the Max Exposure plan, your listing will be moved down the list and eventually move off the home page. Your listing will still be accessible to users as they navigate through the pages or apply filters.
  • Max Exposure listings will always be placed above General Exposure listings.
  • Max Exposure listings will also be shared to social media and in our newsletter.
  • Max Exposure listings will be posted on our partner networks for more exposure.
  • Accessible in search and when users apply filters.


General Exposure Listings:

  • General Exposure listings will be displayed after Max Exposure listings. 
  • General Exposure listings may be shared on social media.
Maximum file size: 40 MB

Get the latest listings directly to your inbox!