Leisure Travel Vans
Unity U24FX
, Arizona

This is the most advanced and off-grid capable Leisure Van available on the market.

First, it is equipped with Starlink satellite internet. This is brand new technology from SpaceX that gives you high speed internet directly from space. It works within every square inch of the contiguous United States – no dead zones. It even works in the middle of the desert, and in several other countries like Mexico and Canada (see map here: https://www.starlink.com/map). The only thing you need is an ubobstructed view of the sky, rain or shine, and you’ll be online getting between 100-200 Mb/s.

Second, this van comes with an upgraded power system. You have 550 amp hours of lithium ion batteries. These are hassle free high power batteries that will go at least 10 years before you need to replace them. No maintenance ever needed.

Third, this van comes 600 watts of solar panels, enough for you to park anywhere the sun is shining without the need to plug in or use your generator to power all your electricity inside the van.

There are no other RVs or vans for sale with Starlink. You are looking at the only one (prove me wrong if you know of another). There are also no other Leisure vans with this much solar and lithium ion batteries. It is the most off-grid capable Leisure van available. Combined with your lithium ion batteries, and your Starlink internet, you’re ready to go fully off-grid! RV parks not needed.

Video: https://youtu.be/x1HucOGCdY0

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