Thor Tuscany 45AT
, Florida

2016 UPGRADED beautiful comfortable home to live in. We purchased the 2016 coach from Independence RV winter garden Fl with 9,044 miles to live in and travel until we could build our new home after selling our 240 acre non profit boys ranch. We have owned many RV,s for over 40 years. The Tuscany was the most comfortable we could find in the $250,000 bracket. We purchased and had installed a hydrolic motorcycle hydra lift. for around $6500. ( this lift can be modifies for 3 wheelers or other heavy objects) Because the coach was used so little and sat for so much in 5 years we got new tires, decided and had the coach professionally waxed ,the roof totaly resealled ,replaced the driver side awning, new wipers ,upgraded the main living TV. The satellites work great if no obstructions. Bedroom and outside are Sony and excellent. On our last trip to Montana we began having mechanical problems (a result of having sat so long- dried seals etc.) First we had to have the levelers repaired, later a new water pump, $1500 then a slide problem and decided to upgrade to a brand new upgraded totally new Hydrolic System that operates the levellers and all 3 slides. $2500.00. Now perfect. While in Arizona having the oil change, filters etc change in the RV plus the generator they discovered a leak and had to put in a new oil pump $4,000. The front has the professioal film cover and if taken off has brand new paint underneith.
Now having all new major equipment parts that would have future problems is great piece of mind. We’ve moved into a new home and at 80 for personal reasons we’ve decided to sell our emaculate motorhome. We have an estimated $250,000 invested and asking $225,000 firm . This coach is in the very best well maintained condition including interior and exterior ,storage areas etc.
Now after over 12,00 miles and all the upgrades we’ve done the coach is like new.

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